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Its Here! Our New Optos Daytona!

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It's here! Introducing our new retinal imaging technology! The ultra-compact Optos Daytona is engineered with patient comfort in mind, and its Virtual PointTM technology provides an unmatched 200 degree view of the retina in one panoramic image and allows Dr. Raghu to view the image right away!

While a regular eye examination is important to check the health of the front of the eye, and detect changes to the patients glasses or contact lens prescription, the optomap retinal exam shows almost whole of the retina at once, and helps in early detection of eye conditions e.g. AMD, glaucoma, retinal tears/holes etc and other health concerns like diabetes, hypertension, risk of stroke etc.

At The Eye Center at Jackson we strive to provide our patients with the highest level of eye care. By upgrading our existing Optomap instrument to the Daytona, the very latest innovation from Optos, means that we can have the highest quality and widest panoramic views of our customers' retinas.