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Meet Your Match: Color Guide

Meet Your Match: Color Guide 

By: Emmalee Kokot

Picking new eyewear out can be tricky. Often times people are looking for guidance on what looks best. Our optical sales team uses their knowledge of fashion, fit and color matching to guide you through your decision. We've put together a guide that will help you identify which color frames work best with your skin tone and eye color. Hair color plays a big role in color options as well so keep an eye out for another guide coming out regarding that. While this information is helpful, you are never limited to one color based on these tips. We always encourage individuals to try on frames that speak to them!


Warm Tones vs. Cool Tones 

There is three classifications of skin under tones; Cool, Neutral and Warm.  The image to the right can help you identify your undertone if you aren't sure. Blue or Purple veins = Cool, Blue or Green = Neutral, Green or Olive = Warm. For those with a cool undertone you'll want to choose wire/metal frames in silver and acetate frames in jewel tones (blues, purples & emerald greens). Both silver and gold will flatter those with Neutral undertones while light peach, dusty pink, soft rose and jade greens are the most flattering color choices.


Eye Color

Black frames are a classic choice for those with any eye color but if you're looking to bring out your natural eye color we have some suggestions. For those with blue eyes, gray, blue and silver frames tend to bring out your natural color best. Black frames can also add a nice contrast to bright blue eyes. If you are looking for a more daring color option, red and orange work well as contrasting colors. These brighter options will add extra of warmth to the eye. Greens eyes are complimented by earth tones as well as gold tones. If you have green eyes are are looking for something bolder, opt for purple or pink. There is a common misconception that brown eyes are boring. On the contrary, brown eyes are exceptionally striking when paired with olive and moss colored frames.


If you like this post, look out for our next Color Match Guide featuring hair color!