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Trend Watch: 2020 Fashion Eyewear

With the exception of the classics, eyewear trends come and go just like fashion trends. This is where you can come to stay up to date on what's making headlines this season.

  1. Crystal Frames

Crystal frames provide the perfect balance between chic and sophisticated. Whether they are completely clear, colored hue or smoke they will match any outfit. Crystal frames come in a variety of shapes and sizes making it easy to find your desired look. Some of our favorite brands featuring crystal frames : Penguin, Modo and Seraphin.

woman ethnic glasses 1280x853

2. Aviator Frames

We saw aviator frames in every magazine in 2019 and this trend isn't going anywhere. The widely popular sunglass shape has made it's appearance in everyday wear and we are here for it!

man eyeglasses happy 1280x853

3. Round Frames

Harry Potter, but make it fashion. Despite what you may think round frames flatter almost all face shapes. Often times people with round or heart-shaped faces think they can't pull off the look but they totally can! This style lends a studious vibe while still being fashion-forward.


4. Leopard Print Frames

While we love most prints Leopard has been taking the fashion world by storm. In 2020, we expect the Leopard trend to continue to grow. This print can be blatant and obvious or understated in a tortoise design. Whichever you choose you'll be on trend with leopard print this season.


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5. Color

Color can be intimidating especially in eyewear. We have another post coming with a color guide but to simplify it, there is a color to compliment you! Color doesn't have t be scary, whether you're looking for something bold like red or a blue that catches in the light. Colored frames can make your eye and skin color pop. If you're looking for more guidance, watch out for our frame color guide coming out soon.