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Meet Your Match: Color Guide pt.2

Meet Your Match: Color Guide pt.2 

By: Emmalee Kokot

Picking new eyewear out can be tricky. Often times people are looking for guidance on what looks best. Our optical sales team uses their knowledge of fashion, fit and color matching to guide you through your decision. We've put together a guide that will help you identify which color frames work best with your hair color. While this information is helpful, you are never limited to one color based on these tips. We always encourage individuals to try on frames that speak to them!

Hair Color


downloadblonde color recommendationsjpg 1531858854791

Whether you have  warm blonde or a cooler silvery blonde hair we have some recommendations for you! We have found that universally, black, green, tortoise, blue, white and gray are all really great options.

download 1 color reco gray white hairjpg 1533009292213


We often hear that individuals with silver or gray hair feel like a light frame such as clear or white will "wash them out". We disagree. These lighter frames compliment this hair color and are a great option for a clean polished look. Some other great options are red and black.

leopardrecommended colors brown hairjpg 1533007581785


Brunette's tend to have it easy when it comes to picking a complimentary pair of glasses. The neutral hair color often pairs well with any color. Some of our favorites are tortoise and green.

downloadredhead reco colorsjpg 1533008508745


This vibrant hair color pairs well with other strong colors such as red and green. If you don't want to go bold you can choose a more subtle options such as black or tortoise.