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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Orthokeratology

Advantages of ortho-k lens wearing:

Scientific research has proven ortho-k can slow down the myopic progression in children by about 50% per year when compared to children just wearing single vision lenses. 

  • Ortho-k can usually reduce myopia of -4.00D within the first two weeks. Vision of successful wearers can usually be maintained throughout the day after lens removal.
  • Night time wearing modality can bring convenience to those who dislike wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day, or participate actively in sports.
  • Problems, such as dry eye, arising from normal day time contact lens wear can be avoided.
  • It is a reversible procedure, ocular parameters generally return to their original status within few weeks.

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Disadvantages of ortho-k lens wearing:

  • Wearers should strictly follow the instructions given by the optometrist, non-compliance could result in corneal infection and possible vision loss. These complications can be kept to a minimum if proper instructions and lens usage are followed.
  • Parents and wearers have to spend more time initially for ortho-k lens fitting and follow-ups. In the absence of adverse events, regular aftercare visits (3-6 monthly) are still essential to ensure the health of the eyes.
  • Ortho-k cannot cure myopia. The myopia reduction effect will wear off gradually after stopping of lens wear
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