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Patient Testimonials

Dry Eye

It was great, no more weepy eyes!

- Sue

LipiFlow Treatment

I loved the LipiFlow Treatment it really helped with my dry eye. I also love the heated mask


- Jen

MiboFlow Treatment

"The process is very simple and the heat and massaging feels good on your eyes. This really works and I highly recommend this to any one suffering with dry eyes."

- Anthony P.


"I have suffered with dry eye for many years and finally since starting this treatment with Dr. Raghu and also using my microwaveable mask at home, my eyes are feeling much better. I will have my 6th treatment with the eye center 12-3-19 and looking forward to how good my eyes feel afterwards."

- Ramona M.


"The meibomian glands in my eyelids appear to be more healthy this year after receiving the lipiflow treatment and using the dry eye omega "vitamins" for a year."

- Jill P.


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