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Eaglet Eye – Eye Surface Profiler for Scleral Profilometry

Eaglet Eye—Eye Surface Profiler ThumbnailTAKING CORNEAL TOPOGRAPHY TO A NEW LEVEL

Integrating fitting algorithms for more contact lens designs than ever before.

The Eaglet-Eye ESP is a revolutionary topographer! The first to offer profiling, not only of the cornea, but also right across the limbus and over a large portion of the sclera. This is perfect for Scleral Profilometry for our scleral contact lens patients getting the right custom fit they need.

But it isn’t just the unprecedented 20mm diameter of measurement that’s causing such excitement in the world of optometry. The measuring accuracy of the ESP is such that practitioners can now generate 3D ‘height maps’ of the eye’s surface in astonishing detail.

What does this mean for our patients?

  • We can identify which type of contact lens will be the best fit
  • The fitting process will be much shorter compared to other practices, saving you time and inconvenience
  • Lenses will be more comfortable than believed possible
  • We can provide more patients the option for advanced contact lens wearing, even those with acute eye conditions

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Eye Surface Profiler now with Ortho-k

EE Web THE ESP Image002 ortho k 300×331Ortho-K lenses gently reshape the curvature of the eye overnight. The cornea plays a key role in creating a sharp, optical focus. Upon waking, the slight change in cornea curvature is enough to create clear, sharp vision for the duration of the day.

Ortho-K lenses correct your vision while you sleep. Simply pop your ortho-k lenses in before bedtime, remove them in the morning, and wake up to world of clear, sharp, natural vision.

Ortho-K allows people suffering from myopia, or short-sightedness, to enjoy a life without lenses or specs during the day – it is safe and effective and has already transformed the lives of thousands of people.

About the Eye Surface Profiler