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GVSS, CRT and OrthoK Lenses

Nonsurgical Methods of Correcting Nearsightedness or Myopia

lady with contactDifferent eyesight corrective measures are available depending on what one’s condition is. In our Jackson, NJ facility, our eye doctors’ offer nonsurgical methods of correcting nearsightedness or myopia in both adults and children. Our experienced optometrists will take you through the procedure of each of the available options and help you make the best decision that suits your condition.

Available Options at the Eye Care Center at Jackson:

A. Orthokeratology

Orthokeratology or Ortho-k as it is known in its short form, is when you insert a very specially designed gas permeable contact lenses in your eyes before you go to sleep. As you sleep, the lenses will reshape the cornea of your eye so that when you wake up and remove the lenses you can see clearly. This technique is prescribed to patients that need to have nearsightedness errors corrected. The method has also been used to correct presbyopia in select cases.

1. It is a nonsurgical procedure
2. Provides better vision improvement
3. It is available to most people
4. One does not need one to change lenses and buy new pairs, as is the case with most corrective lenses

1. It is not a permanent solution to your eye problems
2. It is more expensive than standard contact lenses
3. Takes a long period for one to get clear vision

B. Corneal Refractive Therapy (CRT)

Just like Ortho-k explained above, this is a nonsurgical procedure for correction of vision problems that involve the use of a highly specialized contact lens that are gas permeable. They are also used at night when the patient goes to sleep. With CRT the lens reshapes the cornea overnight giving the patient more clear vision during the following day. CRT is used to curb the progression of myopia or nearsightedness in adolescents and children. One is expected to witness optimal vision after 10-14 days of use although some patients can see more clearly within a few days. If you wear these lenses at night you will still be able to see in the middle of the night if you wake up.


1. Easy for parents to monitor their children use
2. No embarrassment of children using lenses or glasses
3. Parents don’t have to worry that their children will lose them
4. Children can play comfortably as they are not wearing prescribed glasses

1. You will have poor vision for a few days as you have to stop wearing your prescribed lenses and it takes a while for the CRT lens to work.
2. If you want to give up wearing these contact lenses to have surgery, you will have to do it long before the surgery so that your eyes resort back to their original shape.

C. Gentle Vision Shaping System (GVSS)

This is yet another procedure of improving eyesight by use of overnight gas permeable lenses. The method is just as the others above and is also aimed at flattening the cornea in order to improve vision the following morning.

1. Frees one from using glasses during the day
2. A good alternative to those who work in dusty environments or have ocular allergies or dry eyes
3. It is good for young people who don’t want to keep changing prescription glasses year-to-year as their eyes continue to change.
4. It is not painful as other procedures such as Refractive Laser Surgery (LASIK).
5. The procedure can be done to the two eyes at the same time.

1. Requires 4-6 returns to our eye care clinic the first month to ensure everything is working as it should
2. There is no guarantee of success

D. Overnight Vision Correction (OVC)

This procedure, just like the others, involves the use of overnight lenses that are won on the eye with an aim of reshaping the cornea hence reducing nearsightedness or myopia. They use the same principle used by orthodontist when they seek to realign crooked teeth.

1. The procedures are non surgical hence one doesn’t have to deal with pain.
2. One can still use his prescription glasses when need arises
3. One doesn’t need to keep changing them as is the case with prescribed glasses or regular contact lenses.

1. The procedure demands at least three visits to our office in Jackson in the first month.
2. They are not a permanent solution as if one stops wearing the them the eye will slowly return to its original shape.

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