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Overnight Vision Correction (Orthokeratology)


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Who is a candidate for OVC?

  • Nearsighted individuals who are too young for LASIK surgery or for some other reason are not good candidates for vision correction surgery. Because it can be discontinued at any time without permanent change to the eye, people of any age can try the procedure, as long as their eyes are healthy.
  • People who participate in sports, or who work in dusty, dirty environments that can make contact lens wear difficult.

How long does Overnight Vision Correction take?

  • 1-2 days overnight for initial improvement.
  • Several weeks for full vision correction.

How does Overnight Vision Correction work?

  • You will wear specially designed GP lenses at night only.
  • You will need to see your eye care professional regularly to ensure your lenses are fitting well and your eyes are healthy.
  • Since during sleep the lenses fit tightly on the eye, it’s especially important to clean and disinfect the lenses upon removal each morning.

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