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Jackson Shop Rite Plaza
260 N County Line Rd., Jackson, NJ 08527

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Luxury Eyepieces

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Life moves at a rapid pace and the more we do and faster we move the more we become disconnected from life itself. By taking the time to hand craft the world’s most elegant Eyepieces, made from the most exquisite natural materials, Gold & Wood strives to bring its owner back in touch with the magical world that surrounds us.

Before Gold & Wood products become Eyepieces, they are the noble materials in their raw form: The Gold, The Wood and The Buffalo horn. Only by the patient hand craftsmanship in the Gold & Wood atelier do these materials transform into Eyepieces.

This is the process that awakens the magical element. This is what makes Gold & Wood unique. This magic is the secret ingredient of Gold & Wood.

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