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Insertion & Removal

At The Eye Center at Jackson, we spend as much time as you need conducting lessons on insertion and removal. As you practice using your scleral lenses you will find a process that is comfortable for you. Below are standard guidelines you can use when starting your journey with scleral contact lenses. If you have any additional questions you can submit them on our homepage or call the office at 732-730-3937.

How do I insert scleral contact lenses?

  1. Start by washing your hands with mild, non-moisturizing soap and dry.
  2. Remove one lens from your case, try to avoid contact with your nails. Instead, use the bed of your finger, the contact should look like a bowl while sitting on your finger. (Tip: Get into the habit of inserting the same eye first to avoid any confusion.)
  3. You can keep the lens on your finger or use the applicator(plunger). Fill the lens with recommended, preservative-free saline solution to prevent air bubbles from occurring.
  4. Position body parallel to the floor and use your free hand to hold your bottom and top lid open. (Tip: Place a mirror flat on the table or floor and mark the center with a dot, fixate on this dot while inserting the lens.)
  5. Place lens under the upper lid and release both lids.
  6. Repeat instructions for opposite eye.

How do I remove scleral contact lenses?

  1. Start by washing your hands with mild, non-moisturizing soap and dry.
  2. Make sure you can locate the lens in your eye then look straight ahead.
  3. If using an applicator(plunger) wet the tip with the saline solution. Place the plunger on the bottom third of the lens and pull up and out. Press your eyelid to release the pressure.
  4. If you aren’t using the plunger place your fingers on the upper and lower lids near your eyelashes. Break the seal by pushing your lower lid under the edge of the lens.
  5. Repeat instructions for opposite eye.


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