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Scleral Testimonials

What has changed in your life since using Scleral lenses?

  • I was a RGP (Rigid Gas Permeable) wearer and I was constantly having irritation on my eyes. During spring, my allergies were severe. Ever since I started wearing my Scleral lenses, my life has changed for the better. Now, I enjoy the outdoors and the comfort level has improved ten-fold. My golf score has improved by at least 5 strokes!

Would you recommend this treatment to others?

  • Scleral may be intimidating due to its size but once you get used to wearing them, they are definitely life changing. I cannot recommend them enough. Thank you Dr. Raghu!


Before using scleral lenses I was using both hard and soft contact lenses to correct my poor vision due to keratoconus. My eyes were blood shot, dry, and tired all the time. Then my cornea continued to get scratched due to the hard lenses. I was a full-time student at the time and was reluctant to attend class because it was so painful to put my lenses in and glasses were not much help. After being fitted with scleral lenses, the comfort of my lenses has improved dramatically and I can see better with these lenses as opposed to my hard lenses. The lenses help my dry eyes as well. When I wake up in the morning my eyes are always dry and red, but when I put the lenses in they actually clear up and feel better. Please, if you’re having lens trouble, give these a shot!

– Ali Hawkins

Before a contact was given as an option, I had blurry vision in my right eye due to having shingles on my face and eye. The virus caused a scar on my cornea which caused the blurry vision. I had resigned myself to that vision, but when the scleral contact was fit my vision suddenly became clear. I’m not just satisfied with the scleral contact I’m grateful to be able to see clearly again. I had given up needlework and now I’m back at cross stitching and needlepoint- reading is pleasurable again.

I also appreciate the doctor taking the time to explain, teach and fit me with a lens that gives me a better view of the world around me. Thank you!

– Barbara

“Things are going very well. I hardly even notice that they’re there from one moment to the next. Of course, considering the issues that I’ve had with lenses in the past, perhaps that’s the best thing I can say. Having had MANY years in soft lenses and then needing to move to hard lenses was very difficult for me. Finding these lenses at the time that we did was a real God send. I now have nearly 20/20 vision, and lenses that feel practically non existent to me once they’re in. I’ve continued to be active in my karate with no issues. I don’t have red, irritated eyes anymore. I love the fact that I can sit at my computer and not have to squint or lean into my computer to see what I’m working on. But I think that my favorite part of these lenses is that my eyes don’t feel fatigued at the end of the day. I have continued to take my lenses out at least once during the day to clean off make-up residue that may get on there and to give my eyes a boost of moisture, that has also helped with the comfort and vision factor. Overall I have to say I’ve been thrilled with these lenses!!!”

– SA

“The lenses that I currently have, are the most comfortable lenses I have ever worn. I have always used a soft lens in the past, and have found them to be very uncomfortable. I was usually only able to wear them for 4 or 5 hours at a time before I would have to take them out of my irritated dry eyes. I have extremely dry eyes and have to use drops 10 to 12 times a day, plus I use prescription eye drops, Restasis, in the morning and evening. With these hard lenses, I only use drops 2 to 3 times a day, I forget I have them in most of the time, I easily wear them from 7:00am to Midnight. I have occasionally fallen asleep with them in, certainly not recommended, but I really do have to remind myself to take them out.”

– CG